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A new chapter!!! I did my best with the adaptation.
Chapter 05
As we walked outside, the hallway was bustling with activity.
When we left the cave, all eyes were upon us.
I was holding Louise in my arms and I felt this situation was bad.
In fact, the eyes of the assembled people spoke for themselves.
-Could this be the sacrificial girl ...?
-I heard the voice of the tree. This is...
- What are we going to do?
... The people outside could also hear the voice of the Sacred Tree.
I gritted my teeth and then gave Luxon some instructions.
—Luxon, if the worst were to happen ---
[Do you want Louise to escape? If so, the sooner the better. I will prepare a small pod. After that, I can flee to the kingdom of Holfault in Einhorn or Licorn.]
I immediately tried to run away with Louise, but she pulled away from me.
"Thanks, Leon, but everything will be fine now.”
Louise was surrounded by armed knights who ran towards her.
The knights also approached Lelia, but Serge threatened them.
"What do you think you’re doing?"
"Serge-sama, you will give us that young lady.”
“I also have no idea what is happening here, but the Sacred Tree asked for a sacrificial girl. The moment I heard those words, a dazzling light came from inside the cave, if one of these two is the girl to be sacrificed…”
"Don't touch Lelia!"
Louise stopped Serge from trying to fight the knights.
I saw Alberg-sama running from afar.
But before I could run here ... Louise stepped forward.
"It was I who was chosen as the sacrifice. That girl has nothing to do with this. The knights heard Louise's words and looked at each other.
I grabbed Louise’s arm to try to convince her.
-What are you talking about!?
-It's okay. I heard him. My brother, Leon, is suffering inside the Sacred Tree. Didn’t you hear Leon's anguished voice in there?
I looked at Luxon, but he moved his eye from side to side in denial.
[I did not hear anything.]
I gripped Louise's arm tightly as she tried to follow the knights.
I didn't know what the hell was going on, but something inside me was screaming at me not to let her go.
-Something is wrong. This is not OK.
Although I tried to persuade her, Louise had already decided.
"I'm sorry I got you involved in these things, but you see, I want to go to my brother's side. I couldn't do anything for him before, but if I can meet that boy one last time, that's fine.
Louise gently released my hand and walked away with the knights.
Then Alberg-Sama grabbed Louise's shoulder.
- Louise, what happened !? Why is it that you are going to sacrifice yourself?
"It is as it is. Father, I'll tell you what happened.”
I just stood there, unable to do anything about it.
Serge shoved his hands into his pockets and walked past me.
"Leon, Leon ... that woman really only thinks about her brother, right? Is her dead brother that important to her? I do not get it.”
Then Serge laughed at me, while I looked stunned.
"If there is a real one, your part in this is over. Now get out of here.”
Serge, without feeling the hatred he had felt earlier, called Lelia.
"Lelia, let's go."
The two of them walked away from me.
I don't care what Serge says.
But why would the Sacred Tree ask for a sacrifice?
I haven't heard anything about it from Marie.
Lelia also showed a puzzled look, as if she did not expect it.
... Something was wrong.
It was the same in the kingdom when things didn't work out as in the game, but I felt a disconcerting feeling.
"Luxon, let's find out what's going on."
[When I am with the Master nothing is boring.]
"Something feels weird."
I'll go back to Marie.
[Do you have any clues?]
"My bad feeling was right."
I am not that intuitive.
But a bad feeling was always right.
When I came out of the noisy living room, I took one last look at the tree.

As Lelia and Serge were walking, Emile appeared from the crowd.
His suit was messed, but this didn’t bother him as he stomped up to them. "Emile."
Before Lelia could say anything, Emile grabbed Serge.
"Serge, explain yourself! I heard you forced Lelia into the cave. How could you do this to me!?”
Emile was not mad at his fiancée, but Serge on the other hand...
He looked upset.
-You are annoying. I'm busy, my father is calling me.
Serge was also present when Louise was chosen to be the sacrifice.
Alberg had called Serge to hear the details.
The expression on Serge's face, who thought what happened next was troublesome, must have seemed silly to Emile.
"Is this how you're going to escape?"
Emile grabbed Serge by the chest with his small body, but due to the difference in size, he was easily pushed away.
Lelia ran to Emile, who was thrown.
When Serge saw her, he got angry and said something that would strain their relationship.
"Come to me when you get tired of that pitiful fellow Lelia. I will always welcome you. You'd rather have someone trustworthy like me, right? --- I will invite you again next time. We will have fun.”
At those words, Emile looked at Lelia.
Lelia felt something suspicious, but remembered that she had been kissed in the cave.
Thus, she couldn't strongly deny it.
Serge left without any further problem, but Lelia and Emile stayed behind.
Emile gripped both Lelia's shoulders tightly.
"Lelia, you need to tell me the truth." Did something happen between you and Serge !?
"N-Nothing happened."
-Look me in the eyes. I, I ...!
Emile started to cry, but Lelia felt some eyes staring at her and she looked around her. A group of onlookers gathered around them.
"Could it be young Emile of the Pleven family?"
"Isn't that girl from the Lespinasse house?"
"Well, then the conversation with Serge earlier was ..."
They were whispering and talking around her, Lelia felt embarrassed so she grabbed Emile's hand and stood up.
With things going like this, she left.
However, Emile was in no mood to do so.
"Lelia, you have to answer me directly!"
Such Emile was annoying to Lelia.
-That’s enough!
"... Lelia?"
"I really don't like when you’re like this, Emile. Always acting proper, yet always doubting me. Nothing happened, so trust me.
"B-But that you were both in the cave was too much! You said you would come in with me! You can’t do that in front of everyone. This is like Serge is making fun of me. I am also one of the faces of the six noble families. This makes me look bad!”
Lelia's impression was cold.
That is too much of a stretch. What is the appearance of a nobleman in the first place? You should worry about me. That's dumb.
For Lelia, the appearance of the nobility that Emile valued was something that was difficult to understand.
Due to her previous life experience, she could not find any value in such things. And Emile seemed to value that more than her.
Lelia could feel the feelings she had for Emile cooling rapidly.
I chose Emile for my future ... but I may have been wrong.
-Yes. You care more about your appearance than you do about me.
"If you want to fight Serge, you can. But I will despise you Emile. This is stupid.”
"W-Why !?
"Don't say why!! You are driving me crazy! Stop making excuses like that.”
Because I don't want to hear any more of those excuses.
Forgetting what she originally intended to do here, Lelia left Emile behind.
Emile was lying on his stomach and she felt miserable when she saw him.
Why did I choose Emile? It might have been better if I chose Serge from the beginning.
I returned to Marie's mansion and told her about the events of the New Years Festival, and how Louise had been chosen to be a sacrifice.
I also told her that she had heard the voice of her dead brother suffering, which motivated her to want to be sacrificed.
Marie looked like she didn't understand anything.
"Why would she volunteer to be sacrificed if her dead brother was suffering? Isn't it weird?”
If you ask me, it didn't make any sense.
-I do not know. But I think it is too much to accept being a sacrifice just because her brother died.
We were in an unused room, with Luxon and Clare also in the meeting.
This talk was something that the others couldn't hear, so it was more like a secret meeting.
-Well wait. I don't remember there being any sacrifice in the second game.
Mainly, the purpose is to show the people around her that she is dating the boy who became her lover at the New Years Festival.
"What was Louise's role? What happened next in the story? What happens in the story after that?”
I asked question after question, but Marie sensed my impatience and answered honestly.
-All right. I think it’s okay if you stop this from happening.
I don't remember the details, but there is no way Louise will be chosen as a sacrifice, because in the end she will be doomed.
Leaving aside the story of being condemned, it is not possible that Louise, who has that role to play until the end, is narratively sacrificed.
In that case, there is a complete irregularity.
"... What the heck happened? Do we need to do something about it ...?”
I put my hand over my mouth to think about it, and Clare scoffed at me.
[ Aren't they getting involved again? That said, if we're going to save her, let's do it
quickly. We’ll end up doing it anyway, right? ]
From the beginning I had intended to save her.
I'm not going to let her be a sacrifice.
But the problem is that she has already accepted the idea of ​​sacrificing herself.
It will not be easy to convince her.
Are we going to have to force her out?
"Let's sneak her out and see what happens." Luxon, we'll get out of here soon ... Luxon? He was less receptive than usual.
Luxon's attitude was different than usual.
He was very cautious.
Before, he would have had the luxury of being able to simply destroy the new humans at any time.
[Teacher, I have some bad news.]
[Louise's rescue has a low success rate.]
-... What do you mean? Even you can't do it?
What do you mean that the success rate is low?
[I cannot fulfill the condition of secretly taking it out. This is because of Ideal.]
-Ideal? What about him?
[The security equipment manufactured by Ideal has been used in the mansion. I have also confirmed that defense equipment has been installed.]
"Hey, didn't you think Lelia would turn against you ?!
Did Lelia betray us?
No, in the case of that chick, he's hostile to Louise in her position.
Did you think it would be better if it disappeared?
But she's not that clever.
For better or for worse, she carries on with her previous life just like me.
When Marie heard Ideal's name, she asked for a detailed story.
The second game ... Marie didn't pay the bills and didn't know much about Ideal.
"Ideal, you mean the cheat level battleship from the second game, right? What’s he like? Luxon explained it briefly, but inexplicably seemed to have some doubts.”
[It's a transport ship created by old humanity. However, the possibility has arisen that they have a greater intelligence gathering ability than I do. This is not natural.]
Clare had the same question.
[ Does a transport ship need that kind of performance? But why doesn't my data show that? ]
[I'm also confused. He has recently dated, and I can only say that he has been hiding from me until now, and that considers him a threat.]
With the arrival of Ideal, we could not move as easily as before.
Just when I think we have someone troublesome on our hands, Marie asks me for a solution.
"Brother, what do we do now? It's getting harder and harder to get in and out, right? If you screw up, won't it be a kind of international problem for which there will be no excuse?
"Things have gotten more difficult, haven't they?"
If I had to say a problem, it is that for the Alzer Republic when the Sacred Tree is involved, it becomes a ritual.
Even if it is a sacrifice, it is the Republic that offers it if the Sacred Tree demands it. Even if I try to help Louise, it will surely interfere with me.
"Oh!" So why don't you make Luxon and the others burn the flowers of the holy tree? And then maybe the sacrifice talk would go away?
"I wish I could, but I can't ...
Luxon moved his eye to the side.
[Ideal's defensive team has been set up. If we take action, if we attack the Sacred Tree, there will be a big problem between the Kingdom and the Republic.]
Marie's head jerked when she heard that Ideal was on the road.
- Then what should we do !?
I don't know that and that's why I'm in trouble.
Luxon asked my opinion.
[Master, what do you want to do? If we’re going to fight Ideal, we won't lose, but he'll also hurt us. Furthermore, there are many unknowns in Ideal's performance.]
--- In other words, it could be dangerous even for me with Luxon.
I was thinking of the worst case scenario.
It's a hostile situation with Ideal.
I don't care if it's against Lelia, but it's not good if it's against Ideal.
Should we have a card up our sleeve for that case?
"I'm going to gather information first." And then ... if I can't infiltrate, I'll just go head-on. Marie, find me if you remember anything. Luxon will come with me. And Clare ---
[ What's going on? ]
"You are going back to the kingdom."
[ ... Eh? ]
"Think about it, you're useless now." Come find me when Anjie and Livia get back. So, goodbye. For once, Luxon agreed with me.
[It certainly won't be a problem if I'm here. Let Clare work in the kingdom.] When we told her to go home, Clare was hinted at and showed resistance. [ Wait! I don't want to be the only one left out! ]
-See you!
[ Stupid master! ]
Marie reached her hand out to Clare as she left the room, crying.
"W-Wait! Brother, are you sure you want her to go back? I think Clare is quite helpful.”
-I know what I'm doing. Luxon, walk.
-Yes Master.

The six great nobles were having an emergency meeting.
The matter of Louise being chosen as a sacrifice was on the agenda, and all five, except for Alberg, agreed.
"Are they going to sacrifice my daughter?"
The decision of the six great nobles is that they would hand over Louise if the Sacred Tree wishes. There were no doubts there.
For the Six Great Nobles, no, for the people of the Republic, the Sacred Tree was that sacred.
Lambert looked amusedly at Alberg's disrepair.
"If she's been chosen by the Sacred Tree, shouldn't you be happy to offer her to it? I'm jealous.”
Behind the lines of envy and other heartless lines, Alberg's dependency could be seen.
As Alberg painfully grasped his hands together, the other heads of the family began to talk about the future.
"But nothing like this has happened before. This event should be well documented.”
"We will need people from the Six Great Houses." We will also need an escort for Miss Louise. She intends to sacrifice herself, but we can't make her change her mind at the last minute.
"Then we will send guards from the other houses."
Alberg was angry that the meeting continued without him.
He had taken the initiative to join the conversation, including Fernand, whom he had once adored.
He seems to be desperate to build a new relationship abandoned by Alberg. And he was trying to get everything fully prepared to sacrifice Louise.
"Ladies and gentlemen, there is one more thing we should know. It's about the hero of the Kingdom.”
Some of the heads of the families nodded when the topic of Leon came up.
"Why do we need to discuss him?"
This is the problem of the Republic.
"That foreigner has nothing to do with this."
However, Fernand had been beaten by Leon and was quite cautious.
"He is close with Louise personally."
"What about it?"
The other heads of the families still had a questioning expression on their faces.
"The reason was, if Leon messed with the Republic for that level of things, it would be a big problem."
Ordinary nobles wouldn't rescue Louise for that level of reason.
However, there was a head of a family who agreed with Fernand.
It was the Barriere family, which had been hurt by Leon.
“Fernand is right.”
Alberg, who had been silent until now, laughed in his mind, thinking that he hoped Leon would help them.
That's probably why ... he didn't want the other heads of the families to be too alarmed.
"I don't think I’ll try to do anything."
When Alberg said that, Bellange glared at him.
"This is how I lowered my guard, and that guy hurt me!"
But the heads of the families, who had not been injured by Leon, seemed cold.
"That's your story, right?"
"He won't do anything."
If Leon makes a move, this trend isn't bad for Alberg. Plus, it could force Louise to go back.
Okay, this is the way to go ...
But Lambert, Fernand, and Bellange, whom Leon had beaten so badly, made a strong statement.
"He's insane! It is impossible to know what he is going to do!”
People around him felt sorry for Leon when Lambert called him insane.
However, Fernand agreed with them.
"It's too late to do anything about it. We need to be prepared.”
Bellange looked at Alberg.
-Yes. Some people would fight if it was their cute daughter. I don't think the acting president would do that, but we need to be careful.
Alberg clicked his tongue internally.
As a man who cut off his own son so easily, you wouldn’t know.
Alberg knew the nobles here didn't understand how much he cared for Louise. It's because it's more of an anomaly for a noble like him.
However, some of the heads of the families did not think that Leon would make a move, and the conversation about weaponry was half-hearted.
Fernand and Bellange had a bitter expression on their faces, while Alberg was worried about what the outcome of this would be.
Louise, I'll bring you back no matter what ...

At the Rault family castle, Louise was lying on her bed.
It had been a few days since she returned from the New Years Festival, but she was tired, as if she hadn't rested well.
Sitting next to the bed were Alberg and his wife, his parents.
His mother was wiping away her tears.
-How...? How can it be possible !? Why do they have to take Louise from us after Leon? Why are they taking all my children !?
Louise held her mother's tearful hand and smiled.
"It's okay, mother." Leon is waiting for me.
She also had that same expression.
She imagined the scene when her brother Leon got sick and couldn't get out of bed. That alone made her heart ache.
He was a good boy, who suffered, but despite that he cared about the people around him.
With a brother like that ... Louise couldn't do anything to help him.
That has always been a burden and regret for Louise.
In fact, he felt incapable of not being able to do anything to wield the great power of the Sacred Tree as one of the six great nobles.
Alberg crossed his hands and made a harsh sound.
"... There is no record of the Sacred Tree flourishing or calling for a sacrifice." Louise, I won't let them put you down or whatever.
"Father ... you can’t stop this, can you? Heard there was a meeting shortly after that. The knights from the other houses have come to our castle to watch over me, haven't they?”
The knights and soldiers of the other five families had been sent to the Rault castle as Louise's guards.
It's an escort on the surface, but it's actually surveillance.
Alberg looked down at her helplessly.
"They all agreed except me. It is true that most decided to sacrifice you.”
“Are you going to let Louise die like this !?
As his mother moaned through tears, Alberg slowly got up.
There was determination in his expression.
"Father, no." I will be sacrificed. Leon is waiting for me.
"... Even if Leon is alone and trapped in the Sacred Tree, I can't bear to sacrifice you." Even if I have to fight the other five families, I will definitely stop it.
When Alberg opened the door to leave the room, a butler entered.
- Alberg-Sama! The ... Count Baltfault is here to see you.
There were no plans to meet with him and there wasn’t an original need, but Alberg decided to meet Leon.
-Very well. Send him to my office.

They took me to Alberg-Sama's office.
As I sat on the couch, he told me the general situation.
... I wonder if he really is a villain or if he is thinking of starting a war for his daughter.
Well, people will not be happy if you start a war for that reason.
If one person's sacrifice is enough to complete it, it is human to turn a blind eye. But I don't hate it.
- War? It is not peaceful.
"... When you become a father, you will understand." No, if you are a noble, you should be able to point out that I am wrong in my judgment. I am certainly wrong.
Still, we go to war.
"You go to war for your daughter ... I don't hate it."
-I did not expect it. I thought that you, a gentleman from abroad, would ask me to sacrifice my daughter.
That's impossible.
Since it is unorthodox, you choose one person to sacrifice many.
"You're the type of person who prefers people you know to strangers." See, it's unorthodox, right?
- Hahaha! I see. It is your way of life. You're right it's unorthodox. I am not averse to that. But as a custodian of my country, I am not qualified.
- And you would go to war for that?
Honestly, the benefits of making the sacrifice are unknown.
And we don't even know the downsides of not doing it.
From the Republic's point of view, it was scary to think that the Sacred Tree could take away the benefits they had gained so far from being in a bad mood.
The decision to keep the sacrifice as intended is not necessarily a mistake. But I do not like.
"I couldn't do anything about it when I lost my son." But now it is different. I would start a war to protect my daughter, even if it meant that I just did it.
"It's one against five." They outnumber us.
-Of course. But the balance in my mind, between the country and my daughter, it leaned towards my daughter. That's it.
I realized there was no point in saying anything in front of his keen eyes.
It would not be good to line up beautiful things.
People will suffer! But I think he would respond by saying, "So what!"
I shrugged and showed him.
"So what if there's a way to do it that doesn't involve war?"
Alberg-Sama seemed to have guessed what he was thinking.
- Do you think you will take Louise? Can you make it work? If you fail, you will be a wanted person.
-Do not worry. Actually, I'm pretty good at this.
-I know.
I thought he would be concerned about my abilities, but he seems to have developed a strange kind of confidence.
...I do not know what to think.
Don't you think I'm a coward who's good at hiding behind your back?
"So what are you going to do about it?"
"First of all, can you help me with one thing?"
-Help you? Yes.
-Thank you. Now can you tell me your son's story, Leon?

When Leon left Alberg's room, the butler entered the room. "Alberg-Sama, Count Baltfault has been sent to Miss Louise's room."
-… I see.
Alberg looked out the window and answered the butler's question.
"Your will to go to war hasn't changed, has it?"
-I know. Sorry about this, but nothing will stop me now.
"Even Count Baltfault couldn't persuade you, could he?"
"Could the butler convince me what Mr. Leon couldn't?"
He seemed to be thinking like that.
Alberg smiled a little ...
"We will continue preparations for war, but from here it will depend on the count.”
“Is there something planned?"
"I can't say now.… However, he is truly unorthodox.”
After listening to Leon's suggestion, Alberg was able to understand why he was called unorthodox. He felt ashamed of himself for trusting Leon like this.
-Unorthodox? But Count Baltfault doesn't seem like someone unorthodox, does he?
"You'll find out soon."
Why are only my children sacrificed?
Isn't Alberg being cursed by the Sacred Tree?
Could it be for the crime of destroying the Lespinasse house?
This is how he was thinking.

Louise was surprised to see Leon visiting her room.
-Leon? Why are you here?
"I'm here to see you. You look very tired.”
Leon sat in a chair near the bed and placed a fruit on the table.
Louise replied with a smile.
"Won’t I look more beautiful if I was thinner?”
"I think a healthy woman is more beautiful. You're not sleeping, are you?”
Louise turned to face Leon, who instantly saw through her condition.
His expression darkened.
"I dream every night. I am trapped in the Sacred Tree and my brother is asking for help and I can't do anything.
Louise covered her face with her hands and remembered when her brother died.
"There was nothing I could do when my brother suffered. I didn't realize that he was suffering after being in the Sacred Tree for more than ten years ... My brother has been alone all this time, crying because no one is with him.”
Leon listened in silence to Louise's story.
When Louise let out a sob, he gently rubbed her back.
-It was difficult. Do you dream about it every time you fall asleep?
Louise nodded and told him that she couldn't see her brother suffer in his dreams.
- "Come here," Leon called. At the very least, he should be there for her, since… the situation was bad. "... You really loved your brother, didn't you?"
-Yes. I have to admit that I was surprised when I first saw you. He looked so much like you that it made me wonder if Leon would have looked like this if he was still alive.
She only knew him as a young man, but somehow she felt that when he grew up, Leon would have been just like me.
It wasn't just Louise, her parents thought the same way.
-It's strange. It is so strange that now you are showing up and my brother is asking me for help.
Louise felt there was something fateful about it.
Leon listened to her without making fun of it.
"Are we really that similar? But from what I can tell, he's not like me. I was a good and modest boy. A shy and reserved child.”
Hearing the way Leon spoke made Louise miss him.
"The way you say it, the way you spit those lies, you really do sound like him." But yeah, Leon stood out more? Oh, I wonder if that's just because it is you, Leon. You've been in the Republic for less than a year and you're already a celebrity.
"The people around me won't leave me alone."
He was like her brother, after all.
Louise had realized that when she spoke to Leon.
Having the guardian emblem, saving Noelle from Loic ... if Leon were here, I'm sure he would have done the same as you.
Louise moved closer to Leon's face and touched his cheek.
At that moment Leon did what he came to do.
"Can you tell me a story about your brother?"
-All right. I will tell you lots of funny stories about my brother because I am afraid to go to sleep. Well, I'll start with her ...

Louise was lying on the bed, breathing sleepily.
Luxon appeared next to me.
[Teacher, I used a potion to put Louise to sleep. She should be able to sleep without dreaming.]
"You are very useful." So what about the hassles?
While listening to Louise's story, Luxon was exploring the interior of the castle. [I'm afraid, with Ideal's defense team, it won't be easy to get her out of here.]
"Oh, is it possible that Ideal is better than you?"
[Although we are losing in certain areas, we are winning overall. It would be a mistake to judge our superiority by seeing only part of the image.]
Apparently he cares.
But, my goodness.
From the way he puts it, Luxon is losing to Ideal in certain areas.
Even if Luxon is superior in terms of overall skill, Ideal's strength is unknown at the moment.
It is also possible that Luxon would lose.
"I wonder why Ideal has put his defense team here."
When I mumbled a simple question, Luxon seemed curious.
[Isn't it because Lelia ordered it? Or it could be that it has nothing to do with Louise's case.] "That needs to be confirmed too." Okay let's go. It is getting dark.
I spent the night listening to the story, but thanks to that I learned a lot.
Luxon, who knew what I was going to do, asked me if I was really going to continue like this.
[Master, are you sure about that? Louise will hate it.]
I am very sure of that.
-Better! If that person survives, no problem.
[It's really very clumsy, isn't it, Master?]
I don't want a clumsy artificial intelligence to tell me.

It was after Leon left the castle.
Serge was lying on the bed in his room.
"... Tsk, what should we do?"
It was almost a given that Louise would be euthanized at the New Years Festival.
As for Serge, he wasn't too interested in the story of the sacrifice to the Holy Tree.
Yet he was curious about Louise.
As he looked up at the ceiling, he thought of the day he first saw Louise. He kept remembering that day.
"If I save her, will I be recognized too?"
If I help her, will she recognize me as part of her family?
Feeling that way, Serge got up and scratched his head roughly.
"What's the point now?" All they want is a replacement for their dead brother. That's right, it's always Leon this, Leon that.
As a child, Louise had enjoyed her life talking about Leon.
And I was sad because Leon was not here, and the atmosphere in the castle was somewhat dark. Serge had thought he had been brought here as a replacement for Leon.
That was also true.
The Rault family, who wanted an heir, adopted Serge, who is from a branch of the family, as their son.
... As a replacement for Leon.
"I won't be able to be part of the family now ...
Somewhere, you want to be recognized as a member of the family, but you can't sort out your feelings.
Then Serge was greeted by Ideal.
-It's you? What are you doing here?
[Nothing, I'm here to tell you that I've found some interesting information.]
"Do you think it's funny? I’m not in the mood to listen to any funny stories right now.
Ideal approaches Serge, who was lying down again.
[Oh? Is it sad that your first love, Louise, was chosen as a sacrifice?] At that moment, Serge grabbed Ideal with one hand.
He squeezed it so hard he could hear a creak.
With his bloodshot eyes and veins sticking out on his forehead.
The deranged Serge was about to destroy Ideal with all his might at any moment.
-... What did you just say?
[There is no point in destroying the cordless extension. Even if you destroy it, the replacement unit will be activated immediately. Oh well, by the way, check this out.]
As the light emanated from the red lens, it projected an image onto the wall. There was a picture of Alberg talking to Leon.
They seemed to have a lot of fun talking to each other.
"W-What is this?"
[The video was taken a few hours ago.]
-... What did you say? I haven't heard anything!
[I guess the castle people didn't inform you. The count looks like Alberg's dead son. Furthermore, it was known that he had a dispute with Master Serge.]
Unbeknownst to him, Leon had walked in and was talking to Alberg about something. Seeing him was strangely annoying for Serge.
He has never shown me a face like that before.
The expression he usually saw on Alberg's face was an angry or troublesome expression.
He felt somewhat distant.
But what about her expression towards Leon? He did not feel cautious.
As he cracked his back teeth, the image changed.
[This is a video of Louise's room. It seems like he's having a lot of fun.]
The smile Louise showed Leon was the smile he saw that day, the smile he saw as a child.
It was the smile that captivated him.
But now this smile was no longer directed towards him.
The gleam in Serge's eyes faded, and he stared at the image as it grew weaker. "... Do you really want a man who looks so much like your brother?"
Ideal then reported on the content of their conversation.
[This is the audio of the two.]
Louise and Leon's conversation replayed.
“It's like I'm really having a conversation with my brother. That was fun, Leon. "
"I had a good time too."
"Really --- you are --- than my brother."
That was where the audio stuttered.
[Oh, there is some noise in the audio data. It needs to be improved.]
Before he knew it, Serge had thrown Ideal.
He then looked up at the ceiling and laughed.
- LOL!
[Master Serge?]
"It's nothing, sorry." I'm glad you showed me. You are right, this is interesting information. I knew he was just a scapegoat for this house ... shit!
Serge, who was laughing, got up and kicked a nearby piece of furniture.
He rampaged and began to devastate her room.
Seeing that figure, Ideal, called Serge.
[However, the interesting part was not here. In fact, Mr. Leon has a lost object that is just like me. Look, here, here.]
-... What do you mean?
[He is the cause of Leon's rampage in the Republic. As for me, I am one of them, so I want to get along with him. No, but he's an amazing person to take someone of my kind and fight the Republic.]
Serge didn't know much about Leon.
He was a foreign student, and he was only aware of the fact that he did something a bit remarkable.
This was due to the fact that the people in the castle did not talk to Serge about Leon as much as possible.
"Have you fought with the Republic?"
[Didn't you really know? Since then he has studied in the Republic and has destroyed two of them, Pierre of the House of Faiviel and Loic of the House of Barriere, with the power of Lost Objects. He is a very radical man.]
Serge realized now that he learned nothing about it since he returned.
-Why didn’t anyone tell me!?
[I don’t know either. Besides, didn’t Miss Lelia know? It is widely known in the Republic. The "Evil Knight" of the Kingdom.]
-Diabolical? Hey, so my dad… No, did Alberg seem to have a good conversation with that guy? He is almost an enemy of the Republic!
[Yes sir. I understand that he has the face of his son, and you cannot hate him for the damage he would do to the Republic.]
Serge was fed up with everything.
"What the hell, that ..."
More than the adopted son that I am, even if he is the enemy, the whole family together accepts him. And with me they don't!
Serge decides on one thing.
"Hey, Ideal. Help me with something.”.
[It is understood.]
Serge saw Leon's reflection on the wall.
“People who go crazy with lost objects need to be punished, right?”
He was someone he could have easily defeated at the New Years Festival. Serge thought that if he wasn’t around, he too could do whatever he wanted.
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2020.11.30 15:29 tar4ntula recap of joe park on entertainment tonight (w/ lauren zima)

i basically had to stay up all night to do work so i thought that i'd listen to joe's soothing dulcet tones and do a quick recap of his interview w/ LZ before i get my precious two hours of sleep. i checked and i didn't see one yet so hopefully this isn't a repost
on his elimination:
he was pretty sad about it. in fact, he cried not long after (which we didn't get to see). he refers to the whole experience as a "beautiful moment", especially as an escapade in the midst of COVID - they were all confined to this little world in the desert where everyone was constantly interacting and hugging it out, it hardly even seemed real. when he was eliminated, that mirage vanished, and the thought of facing our current reality again was enough to bring him to tears.
on his prior knowledge of the bachelobachelorette:
he's never seen a single episode of the franchise. and because of that, he treated the experience like reality, not "reality" (as in reality TV). watching the episodes back, it seems like things were warped somehow with how differently everything looks and how quickly they move on TV.
on whether he would have done anything differently:
in some ways, no, because he was so unaware of the bachelor franchise. he didn't realize he WASN'T supposed to look at the camera during regular, non-ITM scenes because the producers told him to "act real" and in reality, if a camera were in front of him, he'd talk to the camera. an example: one time, he couldn't stop staring at bennett's shoes because he was just so amazed knowing they were probably worth more than his entire outfit combined that he was like "guys!! look!". but obviously they weren't going to show that because he was looking straight at the camera! he's like, "isn't that what any normal person would do?"
but overall, he is happy he stayed himself and even if he had known how the show worked, he wouldn't change anything.
on the possibility of BIP:
he doesn't know the answer, but he does hope he's in a committed, serious relationship by that point. only 1 or 2 people have slid into his DMs (OP note: I SEE THROUGH YOUR LIES JOE) - the rest have been friends of his mom congratulating him on the show. he's "super single".
on whether he had more feelings for clare or tayshia:
"tayshia, no question." the whole mood changed when tayshia walked into the room. her aura is undeniable. with clare, everyone had sympathy for each other because it was so clear dale was the front-runner. with tayshia, when she canceled the first rose ceremony, they were eager to talk to her first because things got real for them.
on his picks for tayshia:
brendan, because even he fell in love with brendan. they bonded a lot and their friendship goes beyond that adorable moment shown on TV. he describes brendan as funny and "obviously gorgeous".
and ivan, because he's “really smart, sweet, and has great values”. ivan is always someone joe rooted for.
on his and the guys' opinion of dale:
he thinks that dale had a target on his back from the moment he received the FIR. everyone knew he was top dog of the group, and he can totally see why with how well-spoken and good-looking he is. so yeah, things got a bit contentious on and off camera but he thinks that everyone is happy for clare and dare now and that they realize that everyone was playing the same game and someone was going to end up on top eventually. he believes a great aspect of this particular group is that everyone is a little older, and while older doesn't always mean mature, the guys were more mature. and the day after dare left, everyone was pretty happy they were gone so now they could move on.
on whether he'd consider being the bachelor:
he is very flattered, but his answer is the same as what he said for BIP.
on whether he'd date anyone in BN:
he doesn't know anyone in bachelor nation, so he can't answer that. but if anyone in BN wants to hang out, feel free to hit him up!
here's the link if you'd like to watch in full!
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2020.11.29 19:18 ichheissekate Main Protagonists in the show - is Drew the first male one?

I’ve been thinking lately over who the protagonist of focus is during the course of the TNG series - obviously Emma is our first protagonist, and I would argue that Paige then becomes the next protagonist, then Holly J, then Clare, (then maybe Alli?), then Drew (arguably alongside Maya, but I would say there is a notable period of time between Clare and Maya when he is the primary protagonist). I’m halfway into season 13, btw.
Is Drew the first one, or could Spinner be considered a primary protagonist between the period of time he left school/when he started dating Darcy and his exit from the show? Is there anyone else who was a primary protagonist I’m forgetting? I would say my definition of primary protagonist would be someone whose school life, home life, personal moments, friend and romantic relationships, and internal struggles are what they A plot tend to focus around for a sustained period of time beyond a single plot arc.
Clarification: by primary protagonist, I’m talking the #1 main focus character of the show, the hinge character who interacts across different friend groups and glues the show together with their narrative, for more than just one plot arc.
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2020.11.28 23:38 brcblog STORY OF OUR LADY OF WALSINGHAM

The chapel was founded by Richeldis, the mother of Geoffrey of Favraches as confirmed by the earliest deeds showing ownership.
According to the text of the Pynson Ballad (c 1485), Richeldis de Faverches prayed that she might perform special deed as a gift to honor Our Lady. The Virgin Mary answered her prayer and led her in spirit to Nazareth, showing her the location where the Annunciation had occurred. Our Lady requested that a replica house be built in Walsingham to serve as a memory of the Annunciation for all time.
This Holy House was built and a religious community took charge of the foundation. With papal approval, the Augustinian Canons built a Priory (c. 1150). In 1169, Geoffrey, the son of Richeldis, gifted "to God and St. Mary, and to Edwy his clerk, the chapel of Our Lady" with the intention that Edwy should found a priory. These gifts were, shortly afterwards, confirmed to the Austin Canons of Walsingham by Robert de Brucurt and Roger, Earl of Clare.
By the 1500's (just before the Protestant Revolution), Our Lady of Walsingham had, not only become one of the great pilgrimage sites of England, along with Canterbury and Glastonbury, and but also in all of Europe, as it became third most popular site behind Rome and Compostella, Spain.
Then came the Protestant Revolution and in 1538, the suppression of the devotion to Our Lady of Walsingham began, as evidenced by the writing of the Protestant bishop Latimer, who wrote of the image of Mary, saying that "She hath been the Devil's instrument, I fear, to bring many to eternal fire; now she herself with her older sister of Walsingham, her younger sister of Ipswich, and their two sisters of Doncaster and Penrhys will make a jolly muster in Smithfield. They would not be all day in burning."
The Protestant Revolution caused the Priory property to be handed over to the King’s Commissioners and the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham was taken to London and burnt. The original shrine has no remnants, but its site features the marker noting “The Abbey Grounds” in the village.
King Henry VIII approved the burning of the image of Our Lady of Walsingham: "It was the month of July, the images of Our Lady of Walsingham and Ipswich were brought up to London with all the jewels that hung around them, at the King's commandment, and divers other images, both in England and Wales, that were used for common pilgrimage...and they were burnt at Chelsea by my Lord Privy Seal".
After the destruction of the Shrine, Walsingham no longer was a place of public pilgrimage. All devotion was done in secret until after the Catholic Emancipation in 1829, when public expressions and manifestations of the Catholic faith were once again allowed in England.
In 1896, Charlotte Pearson Boyd purchased the 14th century Slipper Chapel, the last of the wayside chapels en-route to Walsingham, and restored it for Catholic use.
In 1897, Pope Leo XIII, by rescript, re-established the Slipper Chapel as a Roman Catholic shrine, now known as the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. The Holy House had been rebuilt at the Roman Catholic Church of the Annunciation at King's Lynn.
On August 20, 1897, the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom, brought the first public pilgrimage to Walsingham. Visitors to the Slipper Chapel increased in number, and after some time, the devotion and the number of pilgrimages increased.
On August 19, 1934, Cardinal Bourne and Bishop Lawrence Youens led the Bishops of England and Wales, together with 10,000 pilgrims to the Slipper Chapel. At this pilgrimage, the Slipper Chapel was declared to be the National Shrine of Our Lady for Roman Catholics in England.
On May 17, 1945, American Forces organized the first Mass in the Priory grounds since the Reformation (Protestant Revolution). During the war, Walsingham was a restricted zone and closed to visitors, but many service men and women showed interest in the Shrine.
The First Cross Carrying Pilgrimage for Peace, Penance and Prayer in began a tradition that continue today. Pilgrims still walk to the Shrine during Holy Week.
The Marist Fathers took over the care of the shrine and, together with the Marist Sisters, are organize the the ministry to the pilgrims.
During Pope John Paul II's visit, the Slipper Chapel Statue was taken to London's Wembley Stadium and was carried around the stadium prior to the Papal Mass preceded by The Director of the Roman Catholic Shrine and the Administrator of the Anglican Shrine. The Pope asked that the statue be placed on the altar for the Mass.
John Paul II decreed that the feast of Our Lady of Walsingham, patroness of England, and in modern times patroness of all English-speaking peoples, would be celebrated on September 24th in England. It is a solemnity for all parishes in any part of the world named for Our Lady under this title.
Our Lady of Walsingham was formerly celebrated on March 25th, "Lady Day" (Feast of the Annunciation, which was the whole purpose of building the replica of the house at Nazareth in the first place!), but for ecumenical reasons was moved to September 24th. (September 24 in England had been the feast of Our Lady of Ransom.)
The feast of Our Lady of Walsingham was celebrated for the first time on the new date in 2001.
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2020.11.28 10:12 JAMESFAULKNERSS Movies That Natalie Portman Turned Down

Natalie Portman is one of the amazing actresses in Hollywood right now. She has delivered some fantastic performances through her different characters and different genres. The actress is in the film business from a very young age and has also been part of massive franchises. She has received many awards, including two Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award.
📷Portman has gained popularity from films playing different characters including, Padmé Amidala in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Portman has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Harvard University. She appeared as Anne Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl and Evey Hammond in V for Vendetta. The actress nailed the character of the ballet dancer in the psychological horror movie Black Swan. Portman earned the Academy Award for Best Actress for the film. Later she appeared in superhero films Thor, Thor: The Dark World, the romantic comedy No Strings Attached, the biopic Jackie and the science fiction film Annihilation.
The Oscar-winning actress did many movies over the years, but she has turned down many projects. In this article, we would discuss some of the films that Portman has been offered, but she could not be a part of for some reason. And we would try to find out if that discussion worked for or against her.
Movies She Should Have Done
Romeo + Juliet (1996)
Romeo + Juliet is based on the famous William Shakespeare’s literature of the same name. Baz Luhrmann directed, co-wrote, and co-produced the romantic crime tragedy movie. The film stars the incredible Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes played the role of teenage lovers who fell in love despite being from feuding families.
There are countless adaptations of Shakespeare’s novels, but Luhrmann’s version of Romeo + Juliet is considered one of the best. The movie was released on 1 November 1996 under 20th Century Fox and received positive reviews. The film collected a gross of $151.8 million against a budget of $14.5million. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio won Silver Bear for Best Actor, and director Luhrmann won the Alfred Bauer Prize.
Natalie Portman was considered for Juliet’s role in the 1996 adaptation, but she could not make it through as she looked very young compared to DiCaprio. However, there is no second guess; Portman would have nailed the character with her heartwarming performance.
Romeo + Juliet got an approval rating of 72% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 64 reviews with an average rating of 6.6/10.
King Kong (2005)
King Kong is the modern remake of a classic movie. Peter Jackson directed, produced, and also co-wrote the film. It stars Jack Black, Naomi Watts, Andy Serkis, and Adrien Brody. The plot follows a filmmaker who forces his cast and crew to travel to Skull Island’s mysterious place. The team encounters living creatures on that island, including a giant gorilla as Kong. They capture the gorilla and bring him to New York.
Portman auditioned for the young woman’s character to create a bond with King Kong, Ann Darrow. Still, again she seemed too young for the role. However, the actress has already proved herself as an adult actress by this time, but King Kong’s character required a believable face to build a relationship with a beast. The casting team hired Naomi Watts instead of the role.
The movie’s budget broke all the previous records and exceeded a budget of $207 million. It collected a gross of $562.3 million worldwide. King Kong won three Academy Awards including, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Editing, and Best Sound Mixing. It got a terrific response from the audience and received an approval rating of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 267 reviews with an average rating of 7.68/10.
Gangs Of New York (2002)
Legendary Martin Scorsese’s movie Gangs Of New York is a period film, and Portman had a fantastic chance to work with the fantastic director. The film was inspired by the 1927 nonfiction book of the same name written by Herbert Asbury. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, and Daniel Day-Lewis.
The plot is set in the neighborhood slum of Five Points, Manhattan. The two gangs engaged in a challenge that held sway over the Five Points. Portman auditioned for the role of Jenny, but in the end, Cameron Diaz got the part.
It would have been fun to watch the actress in some dark role. The film got an approval rating of 73% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 211 reviews with an average rating of 7.11/10.
Movies We Glad She Didn’t End Up Doing
Lolita (1997)
Adrian Lyne’s drama film Lolita is a screen adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel of the same name. It stars Dominique Swain as Dolores “Lolita” Haze, Jeremy Irons as Humbert Humbert with Frank Langella as Clare Quilty, and Melanie Griffith as Charlotte Haze in the supporting roles. The film faced a hard time finding a distributor and was eventually picked by a cable network, Showtime. Lolita met much controversy; the film got its release date in Australia after two years in 1999.
Originally Portman was offered the young girl’s character, but she refused to do this version of the story. The actress was smart enough to understand that it would be irresponsible to tell the story’s explicit version.
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)
Dirty Dancing became the movie icon of that time and focused on the high school student who develops a relationship with the locals. He introduces her to Cuban dancing. The movie stars Diego Luna and Romola Garai.
Portman was considered for the character, but she turned it down too. The prequel of the movie was a commercial and critical disappointment.
The above are a few films offered to Natalie Portman, but she did not do it.
Source-Movies That Natalie Portman Turned Down
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2020.11.25 21:40 larakf Vlog Recap and Discussion: The hardest part about not being Everleigh’s biological dad.

Thumbnail: Ev isn’t in the video!
Annnnnd here we go. The long awaited and low effort Q&A vlog.
To begin, two assholes who make their living staring into cameras suddenly don’t know how to stare into a camera.
With this Q&A, they feel like we want the hard questions and that their audience likes the Q&As. Cole says this will be raw and real, real, raw, raw, real and raw and I’m already bored with the lead up. Here we go:
Did Everleigh ever perform her solo from last season? No. She wasn’t ready to go before quarantine started.
Have they ever gotten hacked? (Clearly this was asked by Norton Life Lock, who sponsored the video). The answer is just as sponsored as the question.
If you could say anything to your younger self, what would you say? Honestly if I were Sav I’d say, “The N word is disgusting and offensive. Don’t say it, ever.” I mean, clearly she won’t acknowledge past mistakes so we get the super generic, “Be more confident.” She says girls were mean in middle school, yet we all know she was the Regina George of her friend group. Cole didn’t date anyone in middle school, but it sounds like he was the kind to shoot his shot and embarrassingly fail (wazzup Selena Gomez). He says don’t worry about who you’re going to date.
Did they ever figure out what was wrong with Zealand in the NICU? Zealand is fine.
How many kids do they realistically think they’ll have? Sav says she knows they will adopt a couple of kids from foster care, maybe older kids. I wonder if she realizes that foster children and their trauma cannot be exploited? Legitimately they cannot. This will be a problem for a family that earns their livelihood from exploitation! Adoption doesn’t come easily and takes time and persistence that I guarantee Sav doesn’t have. Anyhow, Sav thinks 6. They’re already halfway there! Cole/Sav’s Sperm Donor begrudgingly says he thinks so too because he knows that Sav is in control there.
How do they find time for prayer with such a busy life? Cole says prioritize and Sav says, “yeah.” Oh, and find a church you love. Pray in the car or whenever. We all know you’re not religious, Savannah!
Did they wait until marriage and what boundaries were in place? Of course Cole is going to use this as an opportunity to ‘slut shame’ Sav because she was not a VirGiN when they got married. “Obviously she had a kid before,” “We waited together.” They weren’t perfect along the way and boundaries were broken, which to me means that they did everything but penetration. Lol. It’s a good thing they saved that beautiful moment for Cole to tweet to the world.
When were they baptized? Honestly who the fuck is sitting at home wondering the details of their baptisms? Sav was baptized when Ev was around 2, but it didn’t do much for her and she’d like to try it again. I think what she’s failing to understand that you can get baptized 27 times but if you aren’t religious, you’re probably wasting your time. Cole was baptized at 10. They’d like to be baptized together. The last thing I need to see is these two in a baptismal pool together, but I am seeing a future vlog content anyhow.
Is it true you eat 17 pieces of bacon every morning? Lol wtf. Cole says it’s a fact. Hopefully they have a cardiologist on standby. What kind of person is attracted to a man who has to eat copious amounts of bacon each day? (I’m talking to you Sav). My god their house must smell.
Do you ever feel exhausted like you’re constantly having to say or do the right thing? Without hesitation, at first they both say no (to no surprise). Cole says something about online stuff and cancel culture nowadays but fails to connect words. Sav follows up and says they have to be more careful and they can’t put everything out there, sadly. Cole follows up and says they have to be more cautious about what and how they say things. Like what more can they put out there? They share it all right down to their toddler daughter’s nipples. What the fuck more do they have to share? Yes, Cole and Sav, it truly is a shame that you can’t freely exploit your family without people catching on and calling you out on your absolute garbage bullshit. That answer was totally directed at us and I’m loving it!
Cole, when did you know Sav was the one? Sav knew 8 days after she met him, which is oddly specific. I wonder on what day it was that she broke up with Tommy? 🤔 Cole says he knew right away. They liked Clare and Dale’s story on The Bachelorette, and if you watched that, you know. 🙄
What is their favorite Christmas tradition? Sav—hot chocolate, desserts, Christmas lights; gingerbread house making contests (as they do for every damn holiday); Irvine Christmas train. Cole—Mistletoe (creepy wink). They don’t kiss under mistletoe.
Follow up question, when was the last time they kissed? Cole aggressively kisses Sav, and he’s probably hoping she wants to cash in a sex voucher.
What is the most favorite Christmas present they’ve ever gotten? Sav-Barbie Jeep, Everleigh Cole-iPod touch
What is the hardest part of not being Everleigh’s biological father? Knowing what his boundary was when he first met Ev. He said sometimes he went too far (like when he was topless and sleeping in bed with her—my example not his) and other times he didn’t. Sav says he does good and Cole says he isn’t perfect.
They like doing these vlogs because it’s like therapy. I hate recapping these vlogs because this took me a long ass time! Lol. This Q&A doesn’t address anything they haven’t talked about before. The only slightly new bit is that they recognized “cancel culture” and the fact that people call them out. For the record, I don’t see this sub as a “cancel” community, but one where there is a space to talk about how absurd they are without having to deal with the bullshit of 11 year old stan drama. We have an occasional Baboon problem, but even what’s her name has been quiet for a long while. Someone put her in her place. Lol.
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2020.11.25 01:17 spectroworld Naked Attraction Season 7 Episode 3

Jessica & Clare

Anna Richardson welcomes two more singletons to choose a date from a selection of six naked people, who are revealed to them one body part at a time. Six-foot pansexual opera singer Clare is looking for a man as tall as she is, while Jessica, who has a disastrous dating history, hopes to bring out her naughty side.
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2020.11.24 17:27 jonathanfaulkner im so glad clew didnt happen

clare was not over eli (and she knew she wasnt) and drew was still down in the dumps about bianica and thats im glad drew didnt start dating clare and just ended things right there. i understood why he did it to. he didnt want to be a rebound
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2020.11.24 02:14 WeWillMockYou This sounds weird but do you think Eli would’ve dated season 8 Clare?

If Eli was on the show in season 8, would he and Clare have dated?
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2020.11.23 19:23 Rosstavo Kunio’s Guide to Seigai: Second Release – A sourcebook for a Japan-inspired world 92 pages 7 New races 22 Yōkai statblocks 6 new spells 4 new feats Commissioned art Detailed map 30 plot hooks Japanese weapons & armor and more! [PDF]

(Crossposted to UnearthedArcana)
Cover illustration by Kelley McMorris
TL;DR > Download here!
Welcome to Seigai, a fantasy reimagining of late Sengoku-era Japan for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.
In Kunio's Guide to Seigai: Second Release, you are given a tour through the history, folklore, inhabitants, institutions, and all other aspects of life in Seigai. Seiganese citizens are not without their supernatural struggles, and as rōnin, you are professional adventurers with a mandate from the draconic heads-of-state to deal with any disturbances.

Hello everyone! 4 months ago I posted the first release of Lafcadio’s Guide to the Azure Kingdom, a land inspired by Japanese folklore. Since then I've been hard at work to fix issues with the first release, employing D&D commentators
Daniel Kwan of Asians Represent and regular recurring guest Emma Yasui to help ensure this edition is as meticulous and respectful as I can possibly make it. As part of that work, I've renamed the book, so say hello to Kunio's Guide to Seigai!
In the process, I accidentally made it 3x longer! (Oops…!) In this new edition, you'll find loads more to help you run D&D games in a land that looks and feels like Japan, including but not limited to:
I would love to know what you make of this. It's been the project that's kept me sane over this wild year. Regardless of how many people see it, I feel like I've benefitted from the education of immersing myself in a culture I find so fascinating.
The guide will be kept up-to-date at the following link >
I'm also working on an adventure set in Seigai that I'll be releasing soon, watch this space!


This guide features commissioned art from Alejandro Pacheco, Phill Berry, Manami Maxted, and Clare Hardy. Working with them was a complete joy. Please consider commissioning them if you like what you saw!
These artists gave their permission for use of their work in Kunio’s Guide to Seigai: Andreas Husballe, Daiany Antunes, Dylan Choonhachat, EA Howell, Gehan Mounir, Géraud Soulié, Imed Gharzouli, Kelley McMorris, Kevin Le Moigne, Matt Lara, Naomi VanDoren, Nick Serpilov, Reishi, Rio Sabda, Robson Michel, sachi, Silviu Sadoschi, Somei Yoshinori, Surendra Rajawat, Syrphin, tippi Lim, TomoRo, Yasu Matsuoka, Yoshiya Katsuren, 三日月雪風


I produced another version of the Seigai map for the Second Release, which you can find here.
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2020.11.23 19:19 Rosstavo Kunio’s Guide to Seigai: Second Release – A sourcebook for a Japan-inspired world 92 pages 7 New races 22 Yōkai statblocks 6 new spells 4 new feats Commissioned art Detailed map 30 plot hooks Japanese weapons & armor and more! [PDF]

Kunio’s Guide to Seigai: Second Release – A sourcebook for a Japan-inspired world 92 pages 7 New races 22 Yōkai statblocks 6 new spells 4 new feats Commissioned art Detailed map 30 plot hooks Japanese weapons & armor and more! [PDF]

Cover illustration by Kelley McMorris
TL;DR > Download here!
Welcome to Seigai, a fantasy reimagining of late Sengoku-era Japan for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.
In Kunio's Guide to Seigai: Second Release, you are given a tour through the history, folklore, inhabitants, institutions, and all other aspects of life in Seigai. Seiganese citizens are not without their supernatural struggles, and as rōnin, you are professional adventurers with a mandate from the draconic heads-of-state to deal with any disturbances.

Hello everyone! 4 months ago I posted the first release of Lafcadio’s Guide to the Azure Kingdom, a land inspired by Japanese folklore. Since then I've been hard at work to fix issues with the first release, employing D&D commentators Daniel Kwan of Asians Represent and regular recurring guest Emma Yasui to help ensure this edition is as meticulous and respectful as I can possibly make it. As part of that work, I've renamed the book, so say hello to Kunio's Guide to Seigai!
In the process, I accidentally made it 3x longer! (Oops…!) In this new edition, you'll find loads more to help you run D&D games in a land that looks and feels like Japan, including but not limited to:
  • 7 new playable races (Ryūson, Shapechangers [Bakeneko, Kawauso, Kitsune, Mujina, Tanuki], Bunagaya, Kappa, Korpokkur, Masaru, and Half-Oni)
  • 22 Yōkai statblocks
  • 30 plothooks
  • 6 new spells
  • 4 new feats
  • Reimagined equipment
  • Bespoke maps
  • Detailed world lore
  • Inspiring art on every page
I would love to know what you make of this. It's been the project that's kept me sane over this wild year. Regardless of how many people see it, I feel like I've benefitted from the education of immersing myself in a culture I find so fascinating.
The guide will be kept up-to-date at the following link >
I'm also working on an adventure set in Seigai that I'll be releasing soon, watch this space!


This guide features commissioned art from Alejandro Pacheco, Phill Berry, Manami Maxted, and Clare Hardy. Working with them was a complete joy. Please consider commissioning them if you like what you saw!
These artists gave their permission for use of their work in Kunio’s Guide to Seigai: Andreas Husballe, Daiany Antunes, Dylan Choonhachat, EA Howell, Gehan Mounir, Géraud Soulié, Imed Gharzouli, Kelley McMorris, Kevin Le Moigne, Matt Lara, Naomi VanDoren, Nick Serpilov, Reishi, Rio Sabda, Robson Michel, sachi, Silviu Sadoschi, Somei Yoshinori, Surendra Rajawat, Syrphin, tippi Lim, TomoRo, Yasu Matsuoka, Yoshiya Katsuren, 三日月雪風


I produced another version of the Seigai map for the Second Release, which you can find here.
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2020.11.23 16:30 Darian_Priest Soluția pentru a proteja siturile culturale ale lumii? Transformarea acestora

Soluția pentru a proteja siturile culturale ale lumii? Transformarea acestora
Experții explică faptul că soluțiile actuale, protejare și restaurare, nu pot fi folosite pentru multă vreme.
Pe tot globul, nenumărate situri culturale se confruntă cu inundații, eroziune și inundații legate de creșterea nivelului mării. Printre acestea se numără Veneția, Statuia Libertății și multe alte situri care se află pe listele de patrimoniu.
Experții în conservarea din întreaga lume sunt de acord că este imposibil să protejăm toate aceste locuri pentru totdeauna. Multe ar necesita o restaurare constantă, iar altele trebuie protejate în mod constant, vorbim aici de ziduri și diguri împotriva inundațiilor, dar aceste măsuri ar putea să nu fie eficiente mult timp, notează Science Alert.
Unele situri ar putea fi protejate în moduri care le modifică vizibil, de exemplu, ridicând sau mutând clădirile sau permițându-le să fie deteriorate sau mutate din amplasamentele actuale .Astfel de pași depășesc restaurarea, care poate intra în conflict cu mandatele de conservare a locurilor și structurilor în perpetuitate, după cum explică dr. Erin Seekamp, Universitatea din Carolina de Nord, SUA.
Un exemplu practic
Un test al acestei abordări a avut loc în 1999, când erodarea neîncetată a țărmului din Carolina de Nord a forțat Serviciul Parcului Național să mute Farul Cape Hatteras și clădirile adiacente la aproximativ un kilometru spre interiorul continentului.
Relocarea acestor structuri de la mijlocul secolului al XIX-lea a costat 11,8 milioane de dolari și a stârnit dezbateri cu privire la modul în care ar putea fi protejate clădirile istorice aflate în pericol. În 2015, managerii de la Cape Lookout National Seashore din Carolina de Nord și-au dat seama că clădirile din Portsmouth Village și satul Cape Lookout, două cartiere istorice maritime de pe insulele barieră, au fost puse în pericol de inundațiile legate de furtuni și de creșterea mării.
Satul Portsmouth, care datează din 1753, a servit ca oraș portuar înfloritor în timpul așezării coloniale, în timp ce satul Cape Lookout a oferit sprijin navigațional prin construirea unui far în 1812 care a fost înlocuit în 1859. Aceste clădiri sunt listate în Registrul național al locurilor istorice al SUA, care impune managerilor să le păstreze în perpetuitate. Dar oficialii nu erau siguri cu privire la ce clădiri istorice să salveze mai întâi.
De asemenea, au trebuit să identifice o strategie, cum ar fi mutarea sau chiar îndepărtarea clădirilor, care să maximizeze semnificația istorică în peisajul parcului.
O abordare pragmatică
Dr. Seekamp explică: „Am dezvoltat un proces pentru a cuantifica semnificația relativă a clădirilor istorice pentru a le ajuta. Echipa noastră a creat apoi un instrument de planificare pentru a-i ajuta pe managerii Serviciului Parcului Național să ia decizii rentabile”.
„Modelul nostru compilează date despre semnificația și vulnerabilitatea fiecărei clădiri. Evaluează costurile de adaptare, cum ar fi ridicarea sau relocarea clădirilor, având în vedere finanțarea disponibilă și prezintă posibile strategii pe o perioadă de 30 de ani”, explică aceasta.
Schimbările climatice amenință multe situri din patrimoniul mondial, vorbim aici de structuri individuale sau chiar de orașe și sate întregi, Veneția sau satul Chan Chan din Peru. Recomandările actuale se concentrează pe restaurare sau apărare și se opun schimbării fizice. De fapt, singurul proces care există este adăugarea site-urilor care suferă modificări fizice pe Lista siturilor patrimoniului mondial în pericol.
Necesitatea unor măsuri mai clare
„Cercetările mele solicită o abordare mai proactivă, inclusiv eforturi preventive de prevenire a daunelor. Văd necesitatea unei noi categorii: Siturile patrimoniului mondial în transformare climatică, după cum explică dr. Seekam.
Această abordare se bazează pe conceptul ecologic de reziliență, care este în esență capacitatea de a supraviețui prin schimbare și adaptare. Ar permite managerilor să repare, să adapteze sau chiar să transforme siturile vulnerabile.
Această nouă clasificare ar plasa comunitățile în centrul procesului de planificare și ar crea o bază de date care poate fi utilizată pentru a aproxima impactul și intervențiile climatice.
„Transformarea siturilor de patrimoniu poate fi controversată, dar timpul trece. Cercetarea, proiectarea și construirea apărărilor necesită timp. De exemplu, porțile instalate pentru a proteja Veneția sunt testate cu un deceniu mai târziu decât era planificat”, concluzionează aceasta.
Articol preluat de pe
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2020.11.23 01:59 kennquist Bachelorette//Christmas Quiz

Here's a fun quiz for the BachNation. Enjoy!
Impress your family this holiday season with a date! Answer the questions below and we'll tell you which of Clare's bachelors you'll be taking home for the holidays.
Who Is Your Date For Christmas: Bachelorette Edition
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2020.11.20 19:15 Yungtranner A confession (please do not read unless you’re Dr. Powers)

Dear Dr. Powers
I’m writing this to tell you that I have a really big crush on you. I’d like to know if maybe we could go on a date and get to know each-other? I’ll be looking forward to your response.
Yours truly, Clare
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2020.11.19 22:22 eye-roll- Imagine knowing someone for 2 hrs and being like “Let’s get married”

For real how much time did Dale and Clare actually spend together?
I totally think that you can have a “love at first sight” and connect with someone right away. But to know the most intimate details about a person and be sure that you can spend the rest of your life relying on someone takes more than 2 dates?
Anyone else feel me?
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2020.11.19 03:45 UselessUndergrad How much weight does an engagement really hold?

Does it matter that Clare and Dale got engaged as opposed to just ending their stint on the show and saying they wanted to date?
Do engagements really matter?
In real life there are people who have gotten engaged and broken up. There are people who dated and eloped out of the blue with no engagement period. There are people who dated for years and never got married. There are people who meet and after 2 weeks move in together and have a baby.
I feel like people are saying they are rushing it and they shouldn't be engaged because it is so fast. But would it be any better if they just dated?
Does being engaged hold that much weight in your opinion?
Obviously there are different ways of thinking, but I'd love to hear some opinions on this.
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2020.11.18 18:14 nataliamayfield RS shares some interesting information about Tayshia's season

A couple of notes about Tayshia’s “Men Tell All” filming that took place last Tuesday at Nemacolin:
-Clare and Dale were not a part of it -None of Tayshia’s final 4 were in attendance -Yosef was one of the guys on the hot seat and STILL did not show any remorse for how he acted, which upset some of the guys and they attacked him -Guys were NOT shown the rest of the season in advance before they taped
So yeah, your guess is as good as mine as to how in the world this thing plays out. Especially with none of Tayshia’s final 4 there, and them not even knowing what airs the rest of the season, this whole idea is confusing. The MTA’s are bad enough as it is already, but this one seems questionable. You don’t even need to air it the week before the finale technically since it’s not like her final 4 or final 3 guys were there.
Remember last week I was talking about how are they going to get from 19 guys down to 1 with only six episodes left? And now after last night, we’ve gotta get from 16 to 1 with 5 episodes left. Just didn’t seem like enough time. Well, I can report that two episodes have been added in December. So the episode schedule for the rest of the season right now looks like this:
Nov. 24th Dec. 1st Dec. 8th Dec. 14th (Mon.) *newly added Dec. 15th Dec. 21st (Mon.) *newly added Dec. 22nd
So now we have 7 episodes to get from 16 down to 1, which makes more sense. Well, 6 episodes since one of those is going to be the MTA. I don’t know what date the MTA is airing on yet. All I know is the finale is definitely Dec. 22nd. When I find out about which episode is the MTA, I’ll let you know.
So on Friday, July 31st, 13 days after Clare began filming, we hear that Tayshia is taking over. But that post said that they’d heard on MONDAY the 27th of that week Tayshia was being brought in. So Monday would be the LATEST Tayshia got there. We don’t know for sure because it wasn’t specified. But let's for the sake of argument say Tayshia arrived that Monday, July 27th. I’m sorry, but that only means she quarantines for 4 days because we know the dates of her filming:
The fireworks show with Brendan’s 1-on-1 we know happened on Sunday, Aug. 2nd because I tweeted this out past midnight my time on the 3rd.
Working backwards:
-Brendan’s 1-on-1 on Sunday, Aug. 2nd -Smashball on Saturday, Aug. 1st -Tayshia’s opening night cocktail party/meeting guys on Friday, July 31st
Which means if she REALLY arrived on Monday, July 27th, she quarantined for 4 days only. Is it possible? I guess. Is it a little reckless by the show and not the standard they did with everyone else, especially for the lead who’s coming in? I think so. Everyone else before Clare’s season quarantined for 7-9 days total, depending on when they arrived. Most arrived around July 10th or so, and filming started on the 18th. So why would Tayshia only been given 4 days to quarantine? Makes me think she was there sooner. Let's say she was there 3 days earlier on the 24th. You mean to tell me Clare’s dates started on Monday, July 20th, and 4 days later, Tayshia was already there quarantining? In one interview Tayshia did she said when she got the call, she was told she had 48 hrs to get to La Quinta. Wait, huh? So if that’s true, then they called Tayshia literally after Clare had 2 dates this season. Yeah, their stories aren’t aligning.
This is further proof that bringing in Tayshia was ALWAYS the plan and had nothing to do with them being caught completely off guard by the Clare/Dale relationship and somehow scrambling on the fly. Especially since Mills said in an interview when Clare didn’t give out the group date rose, that’s when it hit them to make the call to Tayshia. Ummmm, Tayshia was already in La Quinta quarantining for at least a few days when Clare didn’t give out that group date rose. The fact that none of these people will answer an honest, simple question should also tell you all you need to know about how shady this whole thing was.
How hard is it to say, “Hey, what day did Tayshia arrive on set and how many days did she quarantine?” Tayshia knows. Robert Mills knows. Chris Harrison knows. But, a real stunner, none of them are answering and none of them are being asked that. The story they are selling to the public which is, again, that Clare’s actions made them go to Tayshia, do not fit any sort of timeline that we know since filming was never shut down. They also keep saying we’re crazy if we think this was all planned? Really? Are we? Because based on this timeline, I don’t think it’s crazy at all. Just answer the question of what day you called Tayshia and told her she’s the Bachelorette, what day she arrived, and how many days she quarantined. They could’ve easily gotten away with this if they admitted they had to shut filming down and kinda restart things, but they’ve said the opposite, in that, it never stopped. Of course, it didn’t. Tayshia’s arrival and the cocktail party started on Friday, July 31st, a mere 13 days after Clare’s season began filming.
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2020.11.18 09:13 BeGreatOrNothing Another episode, another case of Asian tokenism

So they give my man Dr. Joe Park a tad more screentime. He gets to narrate a little, cool. But I literally yelled out loud “Wow” when they finally show him with Tayshia and of course, it’s of them eating with chopsticks and him showing her a photo of his family. As an Asian/Brown girl, I felt so genuinely insulted and personally offended.
My dude has so much to offer and the two times he’s gotten actual spotlight has been around being Korean like Margaret Cho, and eating with chopsticks, and having the stereotypical huge Asian family. I’m pissed.
For the record, I love the increase in Joe love on the sub and on social media, but for real, this is not cool. The token Asian narrative is truly offensive.
We want diversity but this is not it. This shit had producers high fiving each other for “diversity” when they were editing. That makes my skin crawl and I can’t make a fist thinking about it.
-Copied and pasted multiple times so adding this: In my high school, a lot of us were Asian and most of our parents came from families of 7-12 siblings so all of us had lots of cousins! I’ve always thought it was typical for Asians to have big families growing up but I guess it’s not as widely stereotypical as I thought.
-I understand being Asian is part of what makes him great and I appreciate that. I am a proud Asian but I do not appreciate the blatant obvious tokenism here. He played guitar on the date too but they went with the chopsticks clip.
-Of course Joe was ok with showing these things on screen but this whole sub screamed producer manipulation when Clare got an awful edit. So I can scream producer influence on these token Asian clips.
-Dude is a doctor too and producers consistently mention Bennett and Harvard, but focus on Joe being Asian. Why not also mention he’s a doctor too?
-Don’t forget they also did night one origami with Clare. Past contestants have made it clear that producers guide you on what to make your entrance. Of course they influenced this even if he was ok with it.
-I realize not all Asians will have the same feelings as me and I am not speaking for everyone. I am speaking for myself.
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2020.11.18 08:25 jJyDFjt Honestly kinda hoped Tayshia would save the season but idk ...

So clearly Tayshia is a lot better than Clare, but I’m not really feeling the season. Like a few other people have mentioned, it feels more fake than normal? And I’m sooo over the whole tattletale drama that always happens.
I wasn’t the biggest fan of Tayshia refusing Ben a bit of time either. Like she obviously is fine breaking some rules by having Noah there, so it just felt selfish and a bit mean to say the night was over. He had such a cute plan and while I totally get maybe he could of jumped in earlier, it just didn’t seem fair.
Also can the group dates not be so much about literal fighting? Like it just feels like producers have it set up to find the strongest, biggest, fittest dude. If I were the bachelorette I’d rather learn about these guys and make sure they have more depth to them.
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2020.11.16 02:12 javacat Master List of Dent and Bent/Salvage grocery stores in Michigan.

I want to thank /MirrorBrannigan's post on Amish Grocery stores....also known as grocery outlets/dent and bent/salvage grocery stores...for giving me this idea for a 'master list' of all the stores of this type here in Michigan!
You can get a lot more for your money, and when a lot of grocery stores shelves are bare, salvage grocers are constantly getting shipments of salvage groceries to fill their shelves. As a cashier at Blue Knight said to me, "We never had a problem with supply. When other stores shelves were bare, our shelves were always full."
If there are stores you go to, please add their name, address, and hours in the comments and I'll add them below.
I've been shopping them for years myself, starting back when I lived near Amish 'Paradise' (I lived in Lancaster, PA). You can still get a lot more food for your money there than you can at a retail grocery store. If you've never been to one, you really ought to check them out.
There are several things you need to keep in mind.
Daily Deals Food Outlet has a page that explains product dating. As with any dent and bent/food salvage store, if you see something, buy it when you see it...because it might not be there next time. "We are a wholesale food outlet, so we carry a wide assortment of products depending on what’s available to us at the time. From dry goods such as cereal and snacks, to fresh meats, cheese, fruits, veggies and many frozen items. We do offer a large assortment of frozen goods, such as pizzas, desserts, appetizers and meals. If you see a particular item you like, be sure to stock up on it because we may not have it in our store the next time you stop in!"

/MirrorBrannigan went to Amish stores that took EBT/credit cards. There are Amish dent and bent stores that do not have electricity and only take cash.
I did the best I could to look up hours for these stores on the internet. If I've made any mistakes, please let me know and I'll make corrections.
  1. Pineview Discount Store: Open Mon-Wed, Fri 8-5, Sat - 8-4 Closed Sunday/Thursday - 9200 S Burkett Rd, McBain, MI 4965
  2. L&W Discounts: Open Mon-Wed, Fri, Sat - 8-5 Closed Sunday/Thursday - 1454 E Surrey Rd, Farwell, MI 48622
  3. Country Corner Market: Mennonite Owned - Monday-Friday 9-5, Closed Saturday & Sunday - 2020 N Mission Rd, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858
  4. Denny's Supermarket*: Sunday 8-8, Monday-Saturday 8-9 - 410 N State Rd, Otisville, MI 48463 ***About 1/3 of the store is salvage grocery, with the rest being a Spartan store that has salvage groceries on the end caps and really good meat deals that vary from week to week
  5. Blue Knight Salvage Foods: Sunday 12-9/Monday-Saturday 9-9 - 3286 S Huron Rd, Bay City, MI 48706
  6. Yoder Discount: Open Mon-Wed, Fri, Sat - 9-5 Closed Sunday/Thursday - 2895 Campbell Rd, Brown City, MI 48416 CASH ONLY. This is a small store that sometimes sells outdated cereal 2 boxes for $1, has outdated (but still good) supplements for $1...and has a little bit of everything. Some of what they sell is a little bit less than retail.
  7. Brookside All Natural Dairy & Discount Grocery: Open Mon-Wed, Fri 8-5, Sat - 8-4 Closed Sunday/Thursday - 3701 W 72nd St, Newaygo, MI 49337
  8. Whispering Pines Country Store: Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm, Closed Sunday - 8153 Skeels Rd, Fremont, MI 49412
  9. Country View Bulk Foods: Monday-Saturday 9-6, Closed on Sunday - 177 N. Germania Rd, Snover, MI 48472 - This is a Mennonite store that has some salvage goods/dairy (yogurt), but mainly is a bulk goods store (flours/beans/grains/sugar) that has a frozen/grocery/dairy section, fresh baked goods, and any likely any baking ingredient, including gluten-free and Keto friendly you can think of. I bought a 25# bag of oatmeal for...I think $12. They also have a canning section and cooking/kitchen tools and implements.
  10. Daily Deals Food Outlet
    1. 740 Lamoreaux Dr NW; Comstock Park, MI 49321
    2. 300 S Greenville W Dr; Greenville, MI 48838
    3. 5487 Division Ave S; Grand Rapids, MI 49548
    4. 1755 E Sherman Blvd; Muskegon, MI 49444
  11. Chuck's Shop and Save: Sunday 10-6/Monday-Saturday 9-6
    1. 2545 S Gladwin Rd, Prudenville, MI 48651
    2. 4235 N Clare Ave, Harrison, MI 48625
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2020.11.15 01:39 The_Big_Taco The Nightingale (2018) is a gritty and oppressive glimpse into the Tasmanian prison colony

This movie has stuck with me the last two weeks. It is such an enthralling look into the dark and gritty British colonization of Australia. I've now read as many interviews as I can with Jennifer Kent, so I'm hoping that writing this will help me move on!
Writedirector Jennifer Kent (The Babadook, 2014) spends the first hour of the movie absolutely demoralizing Clare (Aisling Francisosi) and you as a viewer (TW: there are multiple instances of brutal sexual & physical assault). Then the film dives into an examination of severe PTSD and how some cope with and react to their traumatic events.
Extensive research was done by Jennifer Kent on the history of convicts in Australia and of Tasmanian Aboriginal people. She specifically chose Tasmania as her location. Known as 'hell on earth,' repeat offenders, rapists, murders and hardened criminals were sent here with overly severe punishments from Britain to strike fear into any criminals in the UK.
Baykali Ganambarr, who played Billy, is an Aboriginal man forced to live on the outskirts of town, where Aboriginal bones and settlements have since been found dating as far back as 42,000 years ago. He was a beautiful voice for the horrifically oppressed and dehumanized treatment of the Aboriginal population.
And don't forget the women! You can't have a new island without procreation! Britain ended up sending women to Tasmania who committed minor crimes to even the gender balance. Outnumbered eight to one, it must have been a perpetual nightmare to be a woman in Tasmania. I will let Jennifer Kent take us out, as she discusses the treatment of women in this time:
"In the convict prison in Richmond, Tasmania, a plaque on the wall explains that women inmates were put in solitary confinement for three weeks straight - no light, freezing cold, on a sandstone floor with a hessian sack." explained Kent. "They were put in for talking back to their masters, or getting drunk, or other very minor crimes. They would be released after twenty-one days to go back to that same master, and they would deliberately commit another crime so that they could be put back into solitary confinement. That made me think: 'Why would a woman do that? What was so bad about that situation that they would prefer total deprivation?' The answer is rape, beatings, physical and psychological abuse."
Thanks for reading!
sources: uno, dos
edit: put in imdb links
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2020.11.14 18:04 TheParlourPoet23 Wizards: Thoughts and a defence - Long post

Alright everyone, this will quite likely turn into a long post, so here goes nothing. Tackles of Arcadia: Wizards arrived with a rather mixed reception in my opinion, and some of it was justified, and other parts (again to me) seemed to be knee jerk reactions without considering the legacy of the show. Now, I know that it has been a while since Wizards came out (three or so months). However, I wanted to let my thoughts stew and obviously life is weird right now so forgive me.
Let me start off by saying, Wizards is not perfect, it has it’s problems. Some of these problems are with execution and could have been changed. Other parts were likely out of the designers/directors control (I doubt they chose to shorten the series length to ten episodes). So please don’t assume I am saying all in Wizards is right, it’s not, but it isn’t as bad as people make out. So here I go, trying to explain some of the major issues people had with the show.
Alright, there are many places we could start here, but let’s start with the timeline. There are two immediate concerns with the time travel in ‘Wizards’. Firstly, there is the continuity of Deya teh Deliver and all the other Trollhunters that came after her. Secondly, there is how going back in time didn’t disrupt everything into oblivion. As for the first point, this issue is mostly down to impression (with some issues vs the written material). In the show Deya the Deliverer is never stated as being the first Trollhunter, but the greatest (she bested Gunmar) as such people (myself included) presumed their were many Trollhunters before her, and this is supported by the written material ‘Trollhunters: Volumes 1-6’ and the two Graphic novels by Dark Horse publishers. In these books, the legacy of the Trollhunters goes back thousands of years, as does Gunmar. In addition, it is canon within the books and novels that Kanjigar succeeded after Deya was killed by Bular (Dark Horse Graphic Novel). This creates an issue when we look at ‘Wizards’ Since Deya because the first Trollhunter in the 11th century (I am sure Wizard’s says that year but u cannot find it at the moment). If Kanjigar succeeded Deya as is stated in the novels then all of the other Trollhunters never had an opportunity to exist. If we ignore the novels (which seems the appropriate action in this instance). It gives us around 900 years for all other Trollhunters to exist, which doesn’t give them a huge lifespan but it is definitely reasonable (again we are ignoring all written date sources here as they have the Trollhunter going back to primitive man).
The Trollhunters we are aware of: (Excluding Deya and Jim)
If we ignore the written sources but keep the number of Trollhunters the same, each one could have had a term of up to 80 years or so. Which isn’t long in a Trolls lifespan but is more than reasonable when you consider it a warriors lifestyle. It becomes even more reasonable when you consider that Unkar lasted a few nights (one night?) and Gorgun the Gentle only had the amulet a few months and died of old age. This of course very different from the written material which has Deya being the Trollhunter until around 1620 at which point Kanjigar takes over.
To continue, we have two other time references within the franchise outside of Wizards, firstly we have Angor Rot going to meet Morgarna in 1297 AD. This is up 196 years after the events of Wizards (12th Century). Angor states that “Gunmar’s war has ravaged my village” (P1:E22) and he is looking for the means to protect his people. Now it is assumed at this point that the war is ongoing, but the language is flexible, and “has” does imply a past tense. Therefore this doesn’t mess with the timeline. The next piece is in P2:E10 Of ‘3Below’ in which we see Galen's core beings delivered to Kanjigar and Vendel. Aja states this must have occurred hundreds of years ago before Arcadia was built. Now whether we assume this is just over a century or more is up to you. But the fact that when the Mothership arrives in the memory that the Earth is littered with modern light pollution is either an unfortunate design error or that Aja was getting a little carried away with her estimates. Okay, enough on the timeline issues.
Time Travel:
Now, for the time travel/timeline issue. I have a simple if imperfect answer for you - Avengers Endgame. I see the events of Wizards as similar to the whole Time Heist plot of Avengers Endgame. Within that film it is established that they go back in time do X Y and Z and then set the scene (time period) back to normal with as little disruption as possible. These major consequences are not returning the Timestones (not returning these would change all of time). However, minor disruptions undoubtedly occur (Steve getting beaten up by Steve, Tony having a heart attack, Loki getting away etc - Okay maybe that one is more major). However, what is established is that since the stones are turned and Major events can occur as necessary, the timeline more or less maintains itself. I believe we are looking at the same thing in ‘Wizards’. The ArthuMorgana story, Deya the Deliverer and Gunmar the black occur more or less as intended and thus, the timeline doesn’t completely disintegrate. As for why so and so doesn’t recognise Jim etc, well it’s as Banner explains in Avengers Endgame - it hadn’t happened yet (Jim going back in time). Therefore, when they met, it hadn’t happened yet, so they couldn’t recognise him. Finally, this theory allows Merlin to remain the individual who does recognise them from the past/future as he states in P3:E8: “I can glimpse the future, it’s not a perfect gift though,”. Under this theory, Jim going back in time is the future and therefore Merlin can see it (and as a result, remember it, even if the details are not exact). It also helps explain Merlin’s time mural in P3:E7.
Character Design:
Okay, now that those two issues are out of the way, I think we should address returning characters, character designs etc. So, let’s do this quickly, why did Deya have a helmet when she didn’t have a stone in her Amulet (as far as we can reasonably assume). Well it’s quite simple - the armour always offers a helmet. Now hold on, you cry, Jim had to earn his helmet with the third triumbric stone (the Eye of Gunmar). No, he earned a helmet that could protect him from the Decimar blade. Kanjigar had a helmet (a skullcap) but clearly had no stones in the amulet (which one could argue is weird but maybe they teleport out when the amulet goes to a new owner. Let’s be honest this is all guesswork). As for why Jim specifically didn’t have a helmet prior if the armour could always provide one. Well, I think that was a design choice (which unfortunately affects the lore of the show that’s just how it is). Having Jim without a helmet could have been a reasonable design decision to ensure Jim’s humanity, his heroism always shone through.
The above points then relate to the absence of Kanjigar from the ‘Wizards’ Saga, but Draal was included. It is due to design and time. We have never seen Kanjigar without the Trollhunter's armour, which means that his model was probably never created without it (I have no experience with 3D modelling so please correct me if I am wrong). Therefore, if the show is being reduced to 10 episodes and they have to cram as much as possible in, you wouldn’t devote time to building a 3D model of a character that will ultimately be a minor character for 2-4 episodes at most. Not ideal? Of course, we all wanted to see him. But honestly, reasonable.
Jim, Claire - Resurrection etc:
Alright everyone, let’s get to the real controversy (as far as I saw anyway). Let’s talk about James Lake Jr and Claire - specifically Jim’s death, lack of action, resurrection etc. I saw a lot of comments ranging from ‘We were cheated’, ‘this makes no sense’, ‘Merlin said it could never be revered’ etc etc etc. Let’s go through this shall we? Okay.
So let’s be upfront, there is no 100% clear cut answer here, but I will do my best. Through the shows of ‘Trollhunters’ and ‘Wizards’, it is established over multiple examples that ‘Magic is emotion’ - Douxie in Wizards P1:E:4. So let’s go through some of the examples:
Powering the Shadow Staff: Referenced numerous times, but the shadow staff is powered by emotion. Whether that be rage, hunger, bitterness etc.
P2:E13: Everyone taking a hold of the shadow staff to share the emotional load - Claire using her raw emotions to open such a vast portal. She didn’t use a better spell, she used more powerful emotions. Everyone then choosing to share the load is symbolic of that.
E2: Claire sheds a tear and Jim’s imminent execution and uses Shadow magic to block out the sun/create shadow. Note - Claire is doing this without the staff, a big moment. This happens again during the jailbreak towards the end of the episode. Her emotions of Jim give her the energy to cast the spells. To be clear - she in herself has the capability, but her Love for Jim is the fuel for that energy.
E4: “Morgana tried to help me save Jim, but all I saw is anger and Darkness.” Claire to herself. “We share the same magic, what does that say about me?”
E4: During the boat trip, Douxie and Claire are both holding objects that become connected to their emotional and magical development, Claire - Morgana’s Spellbook, Douxie - the Time Map.
E4: “If you learned anything from Morgana it is that shadow magic only leads to pain.” Merlin to Claire
E4: “You can make the magic your own.” Douxie to Claire.
E4: When casting the shadow portal Clare sees images of despair, pain and death.
Claire: “I’m scared.”
Douxie: “Magic is emotion. Don't let fear control you, Use it! Stay true to yourself. That will protect you from the shadows.”
E5: Jim gets to see a vision of Jim in the Shadows/Shadow realm because she really wanted to see him.
E9: “Jim was turned by Dark magic. SO I will save him with my own.”
These are just some of the lines, there are more and there are countless visual clues regarding the importance of emotion and Magic.
This all cumulates with an important series of events. Firstly that Jim was gone/dead/just a beast. Nari could not detect his Soul upon the Earth. Which is correct, Jim was a Trollhunter and when they pass they go to ‘the Void’ a place between worlds, which is very similar to the Shadow Realm (I would argue even adjacent). As a result of this Jim’s soul is not destroyed when he transforms, he is anchored by the void and his own torment concerning Killahead bridge. In Episode 9 of ‘Wizards’ Douxie declares “There must be something we can do?!” in regards to helping Jim, Merlin retorts “I told you nine centuries ago there isn’t.” This is a very deliberate choice of language and it marries up with what Merlin has stated about the transformation in the past:
P3:E10: “Alas, there is no going back, a part of you will remain Jim, but another part will never be the same.” Merlin to Jim.
E6: “I regret it is beyond my power.” Merlin to Jim in regards to stopping the corruption from spreading.”
E7: “The corruption in his heart has no cure. When he returns to the future it will overtake him… even if it means James Lake will be no more.”
A part of you that will remain Jim, and it being beyond Merlin’s power are exactly what happens. In addition, it does overtake Jim and he is… gone. When we are first watching this show it is presumed/assumed with good reason that Merlin is the most power Wizard etc etc. However, I would argue that he is the most skilled Wizard, which normally makes you the most powerful. However, being the most skilled in general does not mean you can do everything (I believe in Wizards it is expressed that Merlin has no aptitude for Shadow Magic? I may be misremembering there however).. Merlin knows he cannot save Jim, but he knows that Claire can, but to do that Jim has to ‘die’ first. Merlin knows he cannot say that to them, that they will never listen to him. So he has to play the ancient Sage and appear infallible, knowing they will prove his words wrong/realise that he was deliberately misdirecting them. Therefore, Claire’s pure grief resurrecting Jim is completely reasonable to me and upon closer inspection, set up rather well. Now, can one argue that Jim has effectively gone back and that goes directly against what Merlin said in P3:E10? Perhaps, but we haven’t seen how and if Jim is affected longterm by being half Troll. We will have to wait and see the movie. However, I believe we can put that line under the “Merlin is lying to your face” category.
I will also note that I could write a whole section on the crucial aspect of Jim’s humanity in all of this. How his kindness, self determination and hope are what allow him to maintain his individuality under the weight of the transformation. A transformation that should consume him as far as everyone is concerned (Stricklander, Jim etc). This dual mind, dual identity is what is referenced in ‘The Deep’ of P2:E12. To me, Jim is clearly fighting his future, wrathful, troll self, and he wins. The difference in the future is that Arthur is suppressing Jim’s humanity. Hence we are left with a beast that remembers Claire but can’t quite feel the same way towards her. I have a lot of other thoughts regarding Wizards, the crucial emphasis on emotion and desire in the show, coupled with the duality of right and wrong within the show, as well as the importance of growth.
Anyway, my rant here is over, I hope people find this enjoyable/helpful. I just found some of the complaints to be short sighted/explainable. I am not expecting to change anyone's minds here, but I had to get my piece out.
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